Jav Video Movie It is the 18th special version of “Real Gachi Interview” in which 6 real people who can not see absolutely can not see absolutely appeared. Real gotch amateur who does not know anything, immediate scale, put it immediately, maniac play, and casual cum shot. Variety that accepts co-workers who are going inside crestily are also various. Clearly speaking, it is all contents which can not be an AV interview thing, but it is all a stupid! If you see it, this is real! ! Although singing as a 5 hour special, this time also includes over 5 hours of extraordinary service. It is also paying attention to the completely undisclosed “Mirai”.

他では絶対観ることの出来ない本物ガチ素人6名が登場する「実録ガチ面接」のスペシャル版第18弾です。何も知らない本物ガチ素人相手に即尺、即入れ、マニアックプレイ、そして容赦のない中出し。イヤイヤ中出しされるコも素直に受け入れちゃうコも様々。ハッキリ言ってAVの面接ものではあり得ない内容ばかりですが、全てガチなのです! 観ればわかる、これが本物です!! 5時間スペシャルと謳いながらも今回も特別大サービスの5時間以上収録。完全未公開の”ミライちゃん”にも注目です。

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