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Prestige LLR-011 Miyuha Komatsu Innocent Daughter Who Was A Virgin Until A Month Ago Experienced The First Time Trial Full Course And Arousal Beyond Expectation Feathers

“Komatsu Miyuuwa” is 19 years old. We go to a girls ‘university called “Ladies’ school” and flowers are blooming around with a clear and cheerful answer. She showed intellectual behavior was ‘virgin’ one month ago. After experiencing my first experience, I am strongly aware of men and I will lead her to awakening, whose curiosity to sex has come up .. In the undeveloped body carefully forget the shame and taste pleasure. For her enthusiastic studying, she carefully teaches blowjobs from one to ten. I was surprised at the tide overflowing from my body, I noticed the joy of feeling restrained and enjoyed the heat of sperm filled the vagina. I stepped into the world of pleasure that I truncated as “nothing” by myself, and go up the stairs of adults with the cums of many times.

『小松 美柚羽』19歳。「お嬢様学校」と称される女子大に通い、明朗快活な受け答えで周囲に花を咲かせる。知的な振舞いを見せる彼女は1ヶ月前まで’処女’であった。初体験を経て男性を強く意識し、性への好奇心が湧き出てきた彼女を覚醒へと導いていく.。未開発な体には恥じらいを忘れて快感を味わえるようにじっくりと。研究熱心な彼女のために、フェラチオを一から十まで丁寧に教え込む。自らの体から溢れ出る潮に驚き、拘束されて体感する悦びに気づき、膣内を埋め尽くす精子の熱を堪能。自ら「無縁」と切り捨てていた快楽の世界に脚を踏み入れ、幾度もの絶頂と共に大人の階段を上っていく.

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