In CHAPTER 1, and Gachinanpa to street corner amateur daughter! Street corner in Gachinanpa! Discover the best daughter of the more surprised! Raw change of clothes to Kanon-chan gym clothes in the office which is installed a hidden camera. While taking the photo man who let out a wax in the body while called “Because bouncing a reward -“! Areyoareyo and is SEX start!In CHAPTER 2, night crawling baby face a nurse while Lori face, owner of E cup, positive Sakka sound you can treat your crotch-chan becomes the nurse!During the night tour, Kanon-chan hard your service a large switch 〇 child small tongue that found patients who are doing chewy in the hospital room! Thus began the night of sex screening in raw sex is allowed as it is wet pussy Hikutsuka! ! Please Enjoy Tsu in!

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